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Link (charm) to "Composable Bracelet".

Put together your own bracelet and personalize in the "infinite" way!

Each link is handmade in Florence, Italy by artisans. These are the original Charm Bracelets / Composable Bracelets, designed and invented by Paolo Gensini in 1987.

New links also suit the old arm spirits.


Stainless steel base. Details are in 18k gold, silver or 9k rose gold throughout.

Choosing the right size:

Str. S: 15cm (17 Links)

Str. M: 17cm (19 Links)

Size L: 19cm (21 Links)

(This is only an indication, here you can adjust yourself as needed)

Each link measures approx. 1 cm

We sell "base bracelets" in steel, gold (PVD) and rose gold (PVD). These consist of 13 blank links.

(NB: To be able to buy a base bracelet, you must buy at least one link with a motif)

Supplement with Links in various motifs to complete your bracelet. If you still need more simple Links, these are sold separately.

How to put Links on your bracelet:

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